Friday, February 5, 2010

Discover Cooking with Lavender

Lavender is the culinary herb of the decade, and Discover Cooking with Lavender: Fresh and Flavorful Recipes by Kathy Gehrt is an inspiring way to find out more about this trend-setting culinary herb.

I bought two of these beautiful books from Kathy, also my writing group friend and cooking confidant. One copy is for me and I’m sending the other book to my niece who also enjoys cookbooks that feature fresh local flavors. With beautiful photos and inviting recipes this book delivers plenty of ideas for fresh lavender, which comes into season for about a month, starting in mid July.

From lavender seasonings and delectable drinks to savory entrees and sweet desserts, this book is downright charming and one of the best parts is every recipe really works. I know because Kathy shared many of her sweet recipes with our writing group over this past year. One of my favorite recipes was Chocolate Lavender Kisses—the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. (Not one you'd want to share with your pooch though because chocolate is toxic to dogs.)
The cover and photos make this book irresistible for culinary artisans or budding chefs. Also, it’s a small book and is perfect for gifts. Who doesn’t have room on their kitchen bookshelf for this beautiful treasure?

I think Finn would rather I baked Lavender Spritz Cookies for this photo. Bet you can’t just buy one of these books.


Kathy said...

Thanks for reviewing my new book. Finn is a sweet dog, the expressionon his face is so mellow. I wonder if the scent of lavender makes him calm and sleepy. Did he have long nap after his photo shoot?

Food Connections said...

He actually likes the Pelindaba Lavender Tea and so do I! Thanks so much! I think he's just buttering me up so I'll make the Lemon Lavender Pound Cake recipe from your book.