Sunday, June 26, 2011

$100 a Week for two--buying summer fruit

Summer has finally arrived, and it's getting sketchy with my food budget. Last summer I easily spent $160 a week with all the fruits and quirky vegetable finds, like the leek tips I brought home yesterday. It's definitely harder to stick to $100 a week for two, but I anticipated the deluge of summer fruits early when I thought about each season, and during summer we stock the freezer for winter.

Here's how I'm hoping most everything I want will fit in:

Every bit of change I had since January filled two dream boxes for summer fruit. I hope quarters are abundant, and I'm not sure it will take me through apple season, but I've pretty much got summer fruit all paid for in advance. The organic versions are expensive and I already got my peach and nectarine CSA from Rama Farm and I suspect that will have to be above and beyone my $100 a week allowance, if I do it again this year.

The scent of local organic strawberries from Rent's Due Ranch is worth the price. The berries from our yard are never as good. Even my Cooking Assistant is happy.

I was trying for one of those William Wegman poses, but basset hounds don't listen as well as weimaraners. Check out this video of Wegman's dogs going over a spelling lesson.

Finn doesn't usually have a clue when I talk about anything, and if he does, he barely shows it. Basset hounds see the world through their nose. The only way Finn would pose with a strawberry on his head is because I have one in front of him.

He really wanted that berry.

Rewards for the persistent dogs in life who know what they want.

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