Friday, July 16, 2010

The Tiniest Carrot, Garden Treasures, and a Cool Farm Sign Contest

I discovered this tiny carrot tucked into the bunch of carrots I got from Willie Green's Organic Farm at the market last weekend. When I mentioned that I just had to take a picture of my market find, my kitchen assistant snapped awake from what looked like a deep sleep. And as always, he was a little too eager to be part of the scene and check out my market treasures.

Finn finished off this tiny gem in half a bite. I didn't even see him chew. Then, it didn't take him long to find our raspberries in the garden.

We got these raspberry bushes from our friends Molly and Bill when they were thinning their berry crop one year. The berry canes were once part of an old raspberry truck farm whose owners grew berries and carted them to Pike Place Market every week. (So sad to think Seattle's suburbs once supported vibrant farms.)

Our berries are smaller than the popular giant Tulameens that so many berry growers sell at the market. But don't let the size fool you, these half-size fragile berries have exceptional flavor. And the scent is heavenly.

I'm a berry fanatic and I can't help buying some kind of berries from each market I visit.

Last week at the Lake Forest Park farmers' market as I was reaching for a box of raspberries at McPhail's berry booth, I saw this great sign. I love creative signs at farmers' markets and it suddenly gave me an idea for a contest.

Send me your best farm photo and win a signed copy of my book The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook. For example, I snapped this photo of a sign from Rent's Due Ranch. So next time you're at the market, check out the signs and send me a cool one. Deadline for this contest is July 31.

In the meantime, I'll be enjoying berries and looking for more cool farmer signs. Stop by my table at the Lake Forest Park farmers' market this Sunday and say hello. I'll be telling farmer stories, answering produce questions and signing copies of The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook. And if you feel lucky, I have an ongoing weekly contest for a book giveaway and you can enter the drawing at the market. Hope to see you there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debra,
Linda at Winter Green Farm here! I have been using recipes from your cookbook to share with our members and have several who are ready to buy your cookbook! I was going to put in the "Spicy Sesame Beets and Greens with Rice" recipe in the newsletter today, but I think the recipe might be missing something! There aren't any sesame seeds or oil included in the recipe, nor much in the way of spicy ingredients...can you help?


ddzeller said...

Hey Linda, Oh I can't believe that happened, but when I looked at the original recipe from my first book "Local Vegetarian Cooking," it listed 1/2 tablespoon light sesame or extra-virgin olive oil. Then later it also lists 1 teaspoon dark sesame oil blended in right before serving. And instead of hazelnuts, it listed 2 tablespoons crushed sesame seeds. In the haste of editing, we changed most all the oils to olive or hazelnut. What an editing slip that was! So sorry about those omissions!