Friday, July 2, 2010

The Northwest Seasonal Produce Chart

This is helpful seasonal produce chart can be found in The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook: 200 Recipes that Celebrate the Flavors of Oregon and Washington by Debra Daniels-Zeller (2010, Timber Press)

Seasons for Local Fruits and Vegetables
In the Northwest, the seasons for vegetables and fruits vary slightly from region to region and from year to year. For example, strawberries show up in the Willamette Valley weeks earlier than those in the Skagit Valley, north of Seattle. And each year the weather is a little different so some crops come late and others show up a little early. Michaele Blakely of Growing Things Farm in Carnation, Wade Bennett of Rockridge Orchards in Enumclaw, and Liz Eggers of Grouse Mountain Farm in Chelan, Washington, helped me compile the following dates for seasonal produce availability.

Apples late July – October

Apricots June – August

Artichokes April – July

Asian pears August – November

Asparagus May – June

Bamboo shoots April – July

Beans, green July – October

Beans, shell (dried) August – October

Beets May – November

Blackberries August – September

Blueberries June – September

Bok choy year-round

Boysenberries July – August

Broccoli year-round

Brussels sprouts November – February

Cabbage year-round

Cardoons April – June

Carrots May – February

Cauliflower year-round

Celeriac September – October

Celery August – November

Chard year-round

Cherries June – July

Collards year-round

Corn July – October

Cranberries October – November

Cucumbers July – September

Currants August

Dandelion greens March – April

Eggplant July – August

Fava beans throughout harvest season

Fennel July – October

Figs Late June – July and September – October

Garlic June – October

Grapes August – October

Greens, specialty year-round

Greens, wild March – June

Herbs June – September

Huckleberries, blue August – October

Huckleberries, red July

Jerusalem artichokes fall through winter

Kale year-round

Kiwis September – October

Kohlrabi year-round

Leeks year-round

Lettuce year-round

Melons August – November

Mulberries July – August

Mushrooms, wild June – November

Nectarines July – August

Nettles early spring

Okra July – September

Onions June – November

Parsley May – September

Parsley root October

Parsnips October – early spring

Pawpaws October

Peaches July – August

Pears August – October

Peas June – fall

Peppers June – fall

Persimmons October – November

Plums August – September

Potatoes July – November (winter storage)

October – November

Purslane June – September

Quince October – November

Radishes year-round

Raspberries June – October

Rhubarb May – September

Romanesco cauliflower late August – November

Rutabaga October – throughout winter

Shallots August – September

Soybeans, green July – October

Spinach year-round

Squash, summer June – frost

Squash, winter September – November (storage)

Strawberries June – October

Sweet potatoes November – December

Tomatillos July – September

Tomatoes July – September

Turnips year-round


Rebecca!?! said...

Oooooh, how I love NW produce!! Missing it a lot this time of we don't have many of it where I live....

ddzeller said...

I moved away from here once, but had to come back for the fabulous produce that all this rain helps produce.