Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fremont Place Books, Salads and Carrots

I'll be at Fremont Place Books May 30th, this Sunday, at 300pm to talk about The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook, share farmer stories and recipes. I'm bringing a treat from the book, but I'll surprise you with that one. I think I'll stop at the Fremont farmers' market before this event. Who knows what treats I'll find there?

I'm excited about sharing farmer stories that went into this "labor of love" cookbook. In the meantime, I'm refreshing my energy that gets sapped from shoe-leather book marketing by filling up on the luscious spring offerings from my garden and the market.
Check it out, gourmet salad from my own garden. I love edible flowers like these violas and Sky Nursery has a terrific supply. The pickles in this second photo are from Zoe's Favorites, a vendor I discovered at the Portland farmers' market. The tender greens are also from my garden, and the vinegar and oils are also from the market. This week JoanE from Rent's Due Ranch returns to the U-District Market, hopefully with her fantastic raspberry vinegar since my supply is dwindling. I'm including a bottle of her vinegar in a cookbook/local food basket for the silent auction at Food Lust, a farm dinner at Willie Green's Organic Farm on June 5.
Asparagus also adds a nice touch this time of year. I can't get enough of it and this week it's grilling time since I haven't grilled any yet this season. I think I'll also pick up some hazelnuts from Holmquist Orchards and toast them for my salad feast options. I wish we had Rogue Creamery here because I love their blue cheeses. I have a tiny bit of their lavender cheese and that flavor combination is heavenly, too.

There isn't any particular recipe for success when making salads, just toss in whatever fresh vegetables you like; then add a drizzle of oil and vinegar. For garnish you can shave or crumble your favorite cheese or sprinkle spiced chopped hazelnuts or walnuts over the top.

Jeff Miller of Willie Green's Organic Farm was first at the U-District market with baby carrots this spring. How does he get his vegetables so sweet? I asked. "It's the soil," he replied with a shrug.

Whatever it is, I love these treasures so much I have to buy a bunch for the food hounds because I don't want to share.

It doesn't look like Finn wants to share either. He knows this is a four star (paws-up) vegetable.

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