Thursday, September 17, 2009

Going overboard for peaches and nectarines

This is the lash hurrah for peaches and nectaines at the farmers' markets. Load up while you can because the weather is turning cool and it's time for apples to take their places on market tables. When they're this good, you can't stop with just one. We're so lucky in the Northwest to enjoy this great food. These luscious stone fruits are from:

  • Rama Farm, farmed by Rick and Marilyn Lynn in Bridgeport, Washington (2 boxes--a double layer of nectarines and single for peaches. (A Certified Organic farm)

  • Grouse Mountain Farm, farmed by Liz Eggers and Michael Hemphill in Chelan, Washington. Two different kinds of peaches, one white (a cling peach--how often you get those anymore? And the rest yellow peach. Blazing Star was the enticing name. ( A Certified Organic farm)

  • Cliffside Orchards, farmed by Jeanette and Jeff Herman in Kettle Falls, Washington (dried nectarines and Suncrest peaches. (A Certified Organic farm) Suncrest are the peaches made famous in Epitath for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm by David Mas Masumoto. Jeanette mentioned she'd seem this author recently at Elliot Bay Bookstore. He was reading from his new book,check it out at a bookstore near you.

I got all these nectaines and peaches from the University District farmers' market These farms are all in my cookbook, an updated version of Local Vegetarian Cooking ( my first cookbook, published in 2004.

What did I do with all this fruit? Ate lots raw, gave five friends fruit, dehydrated and froze the rest.

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