Friday, September 25, 2009

The farm and farmer behind my CSA week 16

I can't believe all my time this week got diverted to working on a few articles for Marlene's Market and Deli's Sound Observer--one article about dried fruits, the other winter greens and hearty roots. I made myself hungry dreaming up winter meal possibilities.

I'd been meaning to post about my CSA all week, now here it is Friday night, all my produce is eaten, and tomorrow I pick up another CSA bag. I slipped the produce picture in below so you can see what I got this week. But in my opinion, a blog about my Stoney Plains Organic Farm summer CSA just isn't complete without a picture and a few words about the farmer.

This is Patrick Meyer,a second generation farmer; his farm is just south of Olympia. He took over the farm after his dad ,Bob Meyer, suddenly died following gall bladder surgery in 2002. In shock over Bob's death, Patrick's mom Patricia wondered what they'd do with the farm.

No one expected Bob's youngest son, Patrick, 26, to step up to the task. But that's exactly what he did.

"He's a carbon copy of his dad," Patricia told me. Like his dad, Patrick loves learning about how to grow everything better and his eyes brighten when he talks about their produce. Look for Bob Meyer's inspring road to farming story and his move from Minnesota to the Northwest in "Northwest Farm Memories" in the new edition of my cookbook Northwest Vegetarian Cooking (formerly Local Vegetarian Cooking)published by Timber Press in the spring of 2010.

Patrick is usually at the Saturday University District market. You can also find his older brother Tom and sometimes his nephew Justin at that market. Their long farmers' market tables are consistently filled with vibrant produce.

This week's CSA brought all these to our kitchen table: snow peas, slicing tomatoes, Golden Rave baby tomatoes, curly parsley, corn ,red beets, lemon basi and red potatoes. Yumm!

Finn again, checking it all out.

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