Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Favorite Recipes and Vacations

I Hate Vacations
A Guest Post by Finn the Cooking Assistant (aka the dog picker)

We've all been on vacation. My sister and I stayed in a hound hotel; Management traveled to who knows where. I don't know who decided vacations were a good idea because it takes me exactly one day to wish I was back home in my own bed with my easy chair life.

"Vacations are relaxing," the Lady had said. Really? Who spread that rumor?

We stayed at a posh place with lots of grass, a long runway and rabbits just outside the fences. I smelled them everywhere, but at the end of the day the bed wasn't mine, and I resented Management for leaving me.

To be fair, plenty of biscuits are doled out there, but the other dogs barked constantly and barked even more frantically at every car that arrived. Who calls that relaxing? I can't imagine a high end human hotel putting up with this clientele. I cried and pouted. My life at home is a vacation. Why would I want to go on one? Where were the carrots, celery sticks and bags of food to steal from? And my bed was hard, room service was nonexistent and easy chairs? Whine, whine, whine. Well, dream on you canine "vacationers."

Excuse the late post; I'll be back on track next week with stories and recipes. In the meantime, I'm back to my real life vacation and maybe I'll revisit some of my favorite books. While I'm catching up on my duties--reducing blood pressure, modeling, guarding the yard, making people laugh and cleaning plates and floors.

I ask you what exactly would I want to "get away" from? I think some humans also don't realize what they've got in their own backyard.

This is about the only kind of post I'll be visiting this week.

So happy to back at home where I have a season pass to the refrigerator produce bin where I've smelled some of the best carrots and celery ever.

Finn's Favorite (Recipe) Posts

Italian Chickpea Soup

These kinds of gifts ease Management's guilt at traveling without us hounds. I'm always certain to snare a farmers' market treat.

And today was Smiley Dog Delivery Day. When life is this good, why go on "vacation?"

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Miz Helen said...

Hi Debra,
Now Finn you be nice to that yellow post! Hope you are having a great spring week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
Come Back Soon!
Miz Helen