Friday, December 23, 2011

Wish Lists

I spent a few days in San Francisco last week where holiday themed cookies and treats lured me. These were definitely on someone's wish list.

Sure he looks cute, but he's probably wondering whether he could snarf the cookies before I grabbed him.

At the Ferry Plaza Market I found the biggest carrots I'd ever seen. I suspected they were as sweet like Nash's Best carrots. Someone on Facebook said they were "horse carrots." I didn't happen to have a knife back at the hotel to cut these babies up, and I didn't think they'd last till I got home, so I reluctantly passed on them.

Winter citrus-- all I've got to say is it's one sweet reason to take a vacation to warmer climates during winter. "Just headed to the farmers' market, see you tomorrow." Not quite that bad, but I bring things home when I go anywhere, don't you?

The best thing about another city is its farmers' market. Plays, restaruants, museums, skiing, hiking--it's all meaningless when great food is neglected.

Brussels sprouts--in season, but pricey everywhere it seems; but the thing is, fresh sprouts are heavenly. After a good frost is the best time to get them; they're sweetest then. These were on my wish list for our holiday dinner.

And if you wished farm laborers made fair wages this year, check this out:

This is the first time I've seen a "Union Labor" sign on produce but I bet it won't be the last. These strawberries were totally worth $3.50 a pint--amazing flavor, the best I'd ever tasted.

And check this sign at Ranch Gordo beans.

If Rancho Gordo beans, weren't on your list, they should be. The flavor, texture and well to put it delicately, the digestability--all make these beans true treasures. I only got red pop corn and midnight beans because my suitcase was too small. First rule in food travel--bring a big suitcase.

I also picked up my favorite almond butter and roasted almonds. Bringing a lot of food home from a mini vacation is expected at our house. Food hunting in 2011 takes on a new look.

The Satsumas didn't really make it long enough to be stocking stuffers.

May your holidays be warm and peaceful.

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