Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coco's Party: Cooking Assistant in Training

Without my trusty Cooking Assistant to snap photos of last week, I talked my daughter into posing her cute dog Coco. We got out this party hat and Coco posed like she was born into the profession.

How about corn on the cob? Who said dogs don't like it?

Jennifer adopted Coco last fall when a pet adoption agency came to Pet Smart in Phoenix. Coco is a young very friendly pit bull that was picked up as a stray. After Coco had puppies Coco was fixed and put up for adoption. Such expressive eyes and she was a perfect poser.

Once Coco realized how much we rewarded posing and waiting, she was eager to pose.

But tell a dog no and ask her to stare at food at the same time and the shoot doesn't always go as planned.

Luckily Coco only had a few licks of the frosting and didn't eat the cake. I think my Cooking Assistant might have been jealous if he knew I'd been posing with another dog.

Coco samples the prop.


Joan said...

What a beautiful dog! And so lucky to be adopted into a family who will give it such love and spoiling...it's not every day dogs get cupcakes! A sneaky lick is truly reward for such good posing behavior. Fun post.

ddzeller said...

Thanks Joan. Coco was a great dog to work with.