Monday, January 31, 2011

Food Budgets and Shopping Locally

We are on serious budget this year and have scaled our food budget back to 25% of our income. You can probably guess our income isn't much so far this year, and I got tired of seeing more money going out than coming in, so I decided to do something about it--hence the "Soup Project" blogs.

One key to staying within a food budget is writing a weekly menu plan and sticking to it. The things in the photo were all on my list this week and I was amazed that for under $20.00 I got all this at the U District farmers' market:

Green cabbage
Red cabbage
4 giant carrots
3 potatoes
2 apples
About 12 sekel pears

What's on your list today? Check out my soup of the week, which includes kale from our own yard and shiitake mushrooms (not included in the photo).


Joan said...

that lentil soup sounds delish! I love kale in soup.
and I'm always amazed at how little good organic vegies can cost depending on where you shop! good job on the savings plan.

Debra Daniels-Zeller said...

You won't be disappointed with that soup. I loved it. It is amazing how fast good food adds up when you try to stay within a budget.